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Michael Zomber, Author
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Shogun Iemitsu

Shogun Iemitsu War and Romance in 17th Century Tokugawa Japan is not only a historical novel telling the compelling story of two young samurai but it is a tale featuring an unprecedented richness and accuracy of detail told with finesse. The glossary offers page after page of definitions encompassing Japanese swords, armor, and Japanese samurai culture.

Jesus & the Samurai

Jesus and the Samurai is a concise study that uses original source material to trace and link the relationship between early Christianity and the development of traditional samurai virtues.

 Sweet Betsy That's Me
Sweet Betsy That’s Me is a heartwarming historically accurate story of a young girl on a farm in western Kentucky that recreates the day her father comes home from the Civil War after being wounded at the battle of Gettysburg. Conceived as a trilogy chronicling fifty years in the history of the Johnson family from the turbulent times that preceded the War Between the States to the lawlessness prevailing in the New Mexico Territory following the war, Sweet Betsy That’s Me is the second novel in the trilogy and the first in publication. The first book is Son of Kentucky and the third and final novel in the series is entitled simply Sweet Betsy and follows Betsy into womanhood.

Park Avenue
Park Avenue
A fascinating account of the world of high level art auctions. Relying on personal experiences with Sotheby’s. Christie’s and every major auction house, Michael gives the reader a degree of insider knowledge hitherto unavailable.


Son of Kentucky
Son of Kentucky
Paints a picture of life in rural America prior to the Civil War through the story of Josiah Johnson, a poor tobacco farmer in Kentucky who refuses to use slave labor on principle. Josiah’s principles will cost him and his family dearly as the clouds of conflict gather around him and his country.

Soon to be Released…

Soul of the Samurai: An incredible contemporary journey into Newtonian and Einstein’s physics which are adapted to the internet by six incredible young people from America, Russia, Korea, China, and Japan who are united by their devotion to Zen Buddhism and samurai culture. Using the Schwarzenschild’s radius, they breach the space/time continuum seeking to become masters of past and present.

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