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Soul of the Samurai

Soul of the Samurai Documentary Film available through Cinema Guild

Michael R. Zomber seamlessly blended the talents of artists, Samurai masters and historians to make the Soul of the Samurai. In addition to researching and writing the script to ensure historical authenticity, he was responsible for the film’s finer details, such as:
  • Set design, including period Japanese artwork
  • Prop procurement and placement employing fine genuine Edo period swords and armor.

Zomber worked closely with the renowned late Zen Buddhist master the Reverend Kensho Furuya to ensure perfection. Sensei Furuya was a world famous authority on Japanese swords and their fittings as well as kendo and iado. He was the founder, sensei, and teacher at the famed Aikido Center of Los Angeles. The Soul of the Samurai stands as a fitting memorial to his dedication to preserving the philosophy of Bushido as a force in modern times.

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